What do Landlords Check for When You Submit Your Application?

You have visited apartments north Dallas and made your choice. At this point, your landlord or the property manager will have to review your application for tenancy. Each complex will have its guidelines in determining whether you are fit to be allowed to move in. Apartments in northern Dallas will probably check four areas including you criminal records, income, rental history/ broken leases and your credit history.

The first thing that all your landlords will check is your income. Most require that your net income be over triple the expected rent. If you choose an apartment whose rent is $1,259 per month, you will be supposed to prove that your minimum monthly income is $3,777.  If you have more than one source of revenues, you will be expected to present your pay slip and certified paychecks. In case you are self-employed, you need to attach your bank statements to the application. In case you got a new job recently, you employer will be asked to write a letter stating your income.

All landlords will check your rental history. It will help them know if you have ever been evicted or broken any lease agreement. They will communicate with your current landlord thus the advice here is that you do not hide any of these issues in your application. Past debts or broken leases may get you a denial from landlords.

For apartments whose owners do not directly deal with tenants the decision made by the property, manager is final, and you may thus be forced to look for small privately owned Dallas North apartments whose owners may be flexible. You may go back to the flat that you owe money and pay them off. Ensure to get a receipt that you will present to your new landlord, this will clear you.

Your credit record goes hand in hand with your rental history. Your credit records will reveal whether you owe any previous landlords any money. They also check whether you owe any utility company since you will not be able to use these services if you are in debt. Some landlords will ask you to remove the debt and have you reconnected before approving your application. Apart from apartment and utility service shares they will check whether you have any outstanding mortgages or foreclosures. In the case, a foreclosure shows up your application may not be approved.

Criminal background checks are not only done in Dallas but across all states. The period considered on the results of this test is indefinite. If any felony record shows up, your application will be rejected in Dallas. Minor misdemeanors like drunk driving or fraud your application may be approved.

If you do not manage to get an apartment because you fail to pass any of the above checks that you are subjected to, it is best that you engage an apartment locator to help you find a rental house that is managed by the owner who may be a little flexible. If you pass all the checks, then it is guaranteed that you have the best apartment.